Stuart Nurse
artist of landscape and environment

These are paintings I produce in my studio. They are developments of ideas that come to me, usually as I paint on location and as the consequence of observation. My location paintings reflect my belief that the natural world we inhabit is important to us, important in ways we dont fully understand let alone appreciate.

These studio paintings expand on the more abstract thoughts inspired by being surrounded by trees, nettles, wild flowers and grasses and open spaces. They are also a lot larger than my location paintings and take vastly longer to execute, often several months. This time span is explained by the fact that I reflect the processes of nature by allowing a paintng to 'grow'.

While the narrative of a painting is set from the outset the exact form isn't. I liken the brush strokes to DNA and set up simple rules that govern the painting process. I dont blend colours preferring each to be a discrete application of paint. Over time the brush strokes become less bold and random as the final form becomes established.

(I just want to breath) Fresh Air by Stuart Nurse
Synapses by Stuart Nurse
Trees and Us by Stuart Nurse
Nature Nurture by Stuart Nurse
Beyond by Stuart Nurse